Energy of Zodiac Constellations

Energy of Zodiac Constellations

 We always wonder why we are here, who we are, what is the purpose of our lives, and why we should live like this.

In the teachings of New Age, It says that the Cosmos Consciousness of Oneness creates uncountable individual souls to experience itself. The individual souls descend its light-body’s frequency into the astral plane to produce its ethereal/astral body, and then the human body( including the flesh, the essence and Chi) is produced according to the astral body’s plate. Thus, the human  body is a combination of his/her biological parents’ genetics and his/her soul’s own astral body’s plate. The health of the human body thus depends on both his biological genes and his astral body’s health.

 In our multi-dimensional solar system, our astral bodies depend on the planets’ energy for nourishment and supply.  In turn, the planets of our multi-dimensional solar system depend on the nourishment and supply of the Zodiac Constellations. Hence, by drawing a natal chart of a person, (which is a map of the sky at the moment he’s born, including all the planets and their locations in 12 Zodiac Constellations, the 12 houses, the aspects between each planet, etc), we can read the astral body’s energy configuration of this person. How the planets spread and locate in these constellations stand for how his astral body is supplied.

 There are often cases where there are empty houses (no planet enters into certain constellations), the constellation’s energy can not reach the person (as there is no planet available to transmit the energy), and the person’s astral body ends up with insufficient energy. Another case is the constellation’s energy is mixed with the lower frequency of this planet during transmission, and the energy is impure. A final case is when a person hasn’t developed his/her consciousness, and the astral body can not receive the transmitted energy.  All these cases make it impossible to maintain a healthy body and mind; the result is the person’s life is often stuck and trapped, and can not fully develop his potential. 

 The total sum of astronomical constellations in the entire sky is 88, but only 12 Zodiac constellations (signs) are used in astrology. Now we’re authorized to bring the 12 constellations’ energy to the rim of our solar system.  By the divine keeper’s help, we can put the energy directly into the earth without requiring transmission by the other planets of our solar system. This means a person can free himself from the limitation of the natal chart’s planets configuration, and nourish and supply his astral body as he needs.

 Now you may draw your astrology natal chart (we suggest you use the sidereal Zodiac system rather than the tropical Zodiac system), and find your constellations (signs) of sun, moon, and ascendant; then get these 3 constellations’ energy supply from this website

 Your personality will be nourished, your consciousness will be lifted up, and your soul will be awakened. It is a blessing and grace from Heaven, the gift and resource necessary to end this illusion game. Take this rare chance and make use of it.

12 Zodiac Constellations (signs):

  Aries  Taurus   Gemini  Cancer   Leo   Virgo

   Libra   Scorpio   Sagittarius  Capricorn   Aquarius   Pisces


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